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Health and safety audit can ensure compliance with all current legislation related to health and safety at work. It is normally a critical, in-depth examination of an organisations health and safety management system. The audit can cover the whole system or particular aspects, such as risk assessment procedures, issue and control of personal protective equipment etc.
The audit is carried out normally on an annual basis and provides an organisation with a clear picture of their performance in terms of health and safety management. As a result, remedial actions can be taken before incidents occur. This audit will highlight all positive and negative aspects of health and safety at the workplace. Safety inspections are a less formal method of investigation the health and safety performance of an organisation.
We aim to provide you with professional health and safety audit services that are available for the companies, which require an extra set of eyes and ears. To assist with this process, our programme offers a wide and impressive range of consultancy services. We also offer you professional support for specific health and safety projects and other development requirements of your company.
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