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As an employer, you have a duty of care towards your employees to ensure that their health & safety at work is respected, managed and provided for. If you do not implement the appropriate policies and procedures, then the consequences can be severe. PH&S Ltd can help your business to ensure that you are compliant and adhere to all the necessary obligations, requirements and standards.
If an injury were to happen in your workplace, you could face serious consequences unless you have the correct health and safety policies and procedures in place. But what do we mean by 'health and safety policies and procedures'?
Simply, a policy is a statement that you are maintaining the required level of health and safety in the workplace; this should include the procedures (tasks, responsibilities, rules etc.) you have in place to achieve this.
Therefore, health and safety policy and procedures should include:
  • The risks present in your workplace: are you aware of the risks? Are you monitoring them and reducing them wherever possible? Are your staff informed and updated on potential hazards and risks in the workplace?
  • How you are managing any hazardous substances, equipment or machinery? Are your staff informed, educated and trained in these areas?
  • The actions required to minimise these risks: are you doing the best you can to ensure all risks are managed and minimized?
  • Whose responsibility it is to ensure these actions are taken? What are your reporting lines and management structure when it comes to health & safety?
  • Who records and monitors incidents and tasks? Do you have clear monitoring systems in place?
  • What happens in case of emergencies? What happens if the worst happens?
  • PH&S Ltd can draw up a bespoke health and safety policy for your workplace, complete with an inspection of your premises to ensure nothing has been missed. We also provide clients with a visitor book template and risk assessment pack to ensure all the necessary paperwork is in order.
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