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Fire risk is a 24/7 concern for all businesses and the assessment and management of that risk is complicated by the individual characteristics of every organisation and every environment, and the pace of their change.
To ensure the safety of your staff, buildings and assets, you need the help of expert consultants. These consultants can analyse every situation, who are not tied to any particular remedies, but who can give timely, specific advice and independent recommendations.
Our team of consultants are registered with the Institute of Fire engineers and have 50 years + combined experience with the NIFRS.
Our independent fire safety services include:
  • Fire safety management reviews
  • Fire risk assessments
  • Fire management documentation systems
  • Fire Warden training (awareness, duties, evacuation, first aid and fire fighting)
  • Fire evacuation drill support
The requirements of the legislation cover everything from proactive fire management, through risk assessment and arrangements, to drills, procedures, system checks and training. With potentially a range of contractors as well as employees and others (landlords, tenants, consultants) all involved in the process you need to ensure your fire management is robust, cohesive and inclusive.
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